Help us take the Fight to those who are sponsoring and protecting abortion

Your support helps equip us for battle.

Help us take the Fight to those who are sponsoring and protecting abortion image

Your support helps equip us for battle.

ProLife Attorneys Being ASSERTIVE!

Our attorneys are volunteer, pro-bono, paladins for the innocent. The purpose of the law's existence is to bring about Justice. PLAN is designed to do just that, and it is a lot of work in this confused and unjust society. ProLife Attorneys need to work strategically, we must PLAN an approach to the law that wiil have the best and most effective result.

Many pro-life attorneys will accept pro-bono cases for pro-life volunteers that 'get into trouble.' That's a good thing. But our goal is to go well beyond that. We must bring the law to bear to affect change. Our work in 'digging into' what is really happening in California within the killing industry needs to redouble. It is an industry protected by both the media and the government. Abortion and other forms of medical killing are being funded by you and your taxes. There is no oversight or investigation into these grisly practices.

The work of Pro Life Attorney's Network (PLAN) is vital for the success of the cause of Life.

But there are still costs in this type of battle. Every donation you make helps us bring the fight to THEM.

The purpose of a just society is to protect the innocent governed. The court system is an integral part of a just government. It is designed as an adversarial (plaintiff/defendant) assertion of binding legal principles. We are in active support of the several pro-life legal efforts nation wide. We are proud of them.

As we mentioned above, the unfortunate aspect of such volunteer-based legal work is that very often the resources of good attorneys are called upon to defend pro-life advocates. This often devolves into a 'defensive' posture by pro-life legal advocates.

In point of fact our opponents prefer a more aggressive, assertive manner in their advocacy, They regularly act as plaintiffs. and that is precisely what we should do in order to be effective advocates in legal affairs.

Instead of 'defense' we are better advised to play offense. Instead of Defendants we are better advise to 'take ground', to be assertive and prevailing, plaintiffs.

Our successes have included the right to KNOW what the government is REALLY doing to aid the abortion industry. For example, our successful California freedom of information act requests have demonstrated several silent facts the media would never tell you about. We have revealed that, with full knowledge of the law's requirement to monitor the abortion industry, the state of California simply does not.

California has an "Infant Protection Act" on the books, If a child is born alive in the process of a late-term abortion, every effort must be made to protect that child. That's the law in California. (Health and Safety Code 123435) The Newsom Administration refuses to enforce that law. Our actions to demand the facts have brought them to admitting to this callous dismissal of the law.

We are working NOW on how you can change that and this causes our opponents to seethe. But we will prevail!

Using a strategic view of the law, PLAN, Pro-life Attorneys' Network is determined to strategically PLAN how we challenge the policies and procedures that destroy and denigrate innocent human lives.

Please feel free to offer your support and patronage. Thank you! Lives depend on us being assertive.