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Be a Patron of MORE than the Arts!

Life Fest Film Festival is Impacting the Culture

Life Film Festival was founded by passionate prolife individuals within the film industry to have a place where powerful, artfully presented visual storytelling would not only be encouraged, but start its introduction to the world at large and leave an impact on the culture and the hearts and minds of individuals. SEE VANNA'S VIDEO TESTIMONY BELOW

Hundreds of films and filmmakers have been launched into the film culture through the positive influence of Life Fest.

We serve all in the industry, but have a particular passion for the thousands of new film school graduates and those making their way into this daunting world of entertainment. By encouraging positive, life-affirming story telling we are helping to set the direction for the 'New Hollywood' and launch a new generation of entertainment.

Please indicate if you'd like to help with our scholarship program. Thank you for being part of history and taking back our culture!