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We can enforce the Born-alive Infant Protection Act in California!

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Help us spread the facts of life... and the law.

Scott Peterson sits in prison for double homicide. He had killed his wife Laci, who was 8 months pregnant with their son, Conner. But if Conner had been aborted instead... that is no problem under Roe v Wade and Doe v. Bolton.

California, in spite of 'recognizing' the life of an unborn child in homicide law, has removed all oversight and regulation of abortion (SB 980 -signed by Gov Brown). This is an assault not only on Life, but on decency and common-sense.

Most Californians do not agree with this unlimited view of abortion WHEN THEY KNOW ABOUT IT!

Join me in supporting real change inn California. Let’s support getting out the facts about abortion, facts usually hidden by the major media. Help us protect these vulnerable children, and bring awareness of the extent of abortion in our state.

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